On any given evening, if you live in the Spotsy Courthouse area, you might spot my silver mini van circling the new shopping development near our home. It ‘s random, but it’s true.  We are not casing the place :0).  There is a spa located in the building with “flashing lights” and my three-year-old is captivated. If we are on our way anywhere, and it’s dark or dusk or sunrise for that matter we MUST drive past the flashing lights.

Before Jeremy and I were blessed with children we didn’t do crazy things like drive in circles in parking lots to see strobe lights. We do this now b/c we love Wyatt and he loves the flashing lights. Instead, Jeremy and I came up with this thing we say to express affection …maybe we read about it somewhere or saw it in a movie. We often state how much we love each other as a comparison to how much we love something else. I’ll say…”I love you more than Cheesecake.” This is a big deal. I LOVE cheesecake. Or “I love you more than Summer.” Again, HUGE deal.  Well, all of this to say we started the same thing with Wyatt. Wyatt, I love you more than sunshine!  Wyatt, I love you more than ice cream. He laughs but I wasn’t sure he was getting it. He would tell me, “Mommy, I love you  more than ears.” Ok, so its a stretch…hearing is important. The other day we were playing this game…I love you more than, and he says, “Mommy, I love you more than the flashing lights.” He got it! Broke my heart!

I am very excited that I found a book that plays this game! It is titled, “I love you more than Rainbows.” I was so excited to find it and it reads just as if I had written it! I ordered it on Amazon yesterday. Just thought I would share!