A year ago when Weston had his first Urologist appointment, I remember sitting in the waiting room trying to give him a bottle to keep him quiet. He absolutely refused, and if you have seen my Weston you know he has missed very few meals. We were called into the exam room where Doctor E began questioning me about Weston’s medical history.  I was sitting in a chair holding Weston in such a way that he was facing Doc E. The good Doctor was sitting directly in front of us on one of those rolling stools. And then it happened. Like an erupting volcano, Weston puked everywhere. It was all over me, the floor, and the good Doctor’s shoes.  He rolled backwards toward the door saying only, “Nurse, can we do something about the smell.”  I dove into action trying to clean up whatever I could only to be stopped by Dr. E who said he would call with his other questions. Needless to say, I drove home in PUKE pants and Weston was lightly drenched. This week as we make our way to see Dr. E for Weston’s annual appointment I am happy to say the puke is already behind us – the silver lining in a week of toilet bowl hugging  and sheet washing. There is usually a silver lining if you look hard enough!