Did you know that most of the apple products we consume come from apples produced in China?? In China, where pesticides are not regulated as they are in the U.S. This thought is so odd to me considering we live a short drive from MANY apple orchards. Sometimes information like this leaves me paralyzed in the grocery isle.  In fact, on my last shopping trip I spent 10 minutes of my life trying to pick an applesauce. I know all the right answers. Organic…not in my budget. Make your own! I have enough to do! I seriously could not make a decision. My favorite applesauce was missing from the shelf, Musselman’s if you are curious, and it was about to be the end of me.  Is this REALLY what my life has come to? An agonizing decision about applesauce. Finally, this guilt ridden mommy picked up the Chinese applesauce and finished her shopping! Sometimes, you have to let go of something.  I am emptying the shelf the next time I see my brand! :0) bowlofapplesauce