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My Jeremy just returned from a work trip to Texas. First let me say that I love Texas, (we lived there our first 2 years of marriage), and I was absolutely jealous of all of the good Tex Mex he was eating. While he was away, I hardly slept at all! I am no chicken, in fact I would consider myself very brave. In college, I was the “man” in my apartment of girlfriends. You know, the one they send down to investigate the strange noise with the baseball bat. Ten years later I am the mom with the exact same baseball bat under her bed!!! It is my weapon of choice. Except now I have three young children and when my husband is away I hear noises I wouldn’t otherwise pay attention to. When he is gone I find myself checking behind shower curtains, in closets, under beds, and sleeping with all of the lights on!!!! I stay up as late as possible so I will fall asleep quickly. We live in a subdivision. We have neighbors everywhere. The police department is less than a mile away! I recite these things to myself, but I can’t help but play out the “what if” scenarios as i am falling asleep. I become superwoman, running through the house gathering my children, locking us in a bedroom, beating up a bad guy with a baseball bat in a drama that is dreamed up and ridiculous. I am so grateful to have him home. I stop hearing noises, I don’t think about masked crazy intruders. I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I turn in my cape, and gladly hand it over to Superman.