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Some people hoard, I purge. I think I could be a professional purger. Few things bring me more joy than killing a little clutter. Less is always more! Cookbooks are always a source of clutter.  I have a love hate relationship with mine. There are a few I use constantly. Others are kept because they are pretty….seriously. Above is a picture of my slimmed collection. This is my secret, and please don’t think I am terrible. See the Jacob & Co Creamed Cracker box?  It contains my favorite recipes. For those cookbooks that contain just one recipe that I love, I rip it out of the cookbook.  It is then placed in the cracker box for safe keeping.  The defaced cookbook then goes in my Goodwill pile. (another post all in itself, but I keep a box that I can toss give away items in. I visit the Goodwill drop off weekly.) The cookbooks I use frequently are the ones you see. Beyond that, there is hardly a recipe that can’t be found online. This is an easy afternoon project to kill the clutter in your kitchen and spread cooking love by donating those barely used books. I would say take them to the used book store…but if page 193 is missing…..:0)