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There are a few stand out apps that do a great job making learning fun! I have two boys ages four and six. Here is a list of my favorites! Most of these are free or are very cheap!

1. Endless Alphabet by Originator

This app is so entertaining and is quite frankly amazing. An interesting word is presented. The letters are scattered on the page. The child drags the letters (that make their letter sound as they are moved across the page) to their designated spot. Once all letters are in place, the word is defined and then illustrated by a fun group of goofy monsters. Both of my boys love this app. My four year old now uses words like ruckus, pester, gargantuan, and hilarious correctly in everyday conversation!

2. Starfall ABCs

This is an app I use mostly for my four year old.  It introduces letter sounds, and basic phonics in an interesting way. The really great thing about this app is that the next step twinkles. If the child isn’t sure what to do next, the arrow or object sparkles.  I used the Starfall website as a preschool tool for my now six year old. I loved it for the early reading skills it taught. This app is equally great just not as much content. It is much cheaper than the website annual fee. Totally worth it!!

3. Spelling City

My son’s first grade teacher introduced me to this app.  It is a simple, no frills app but makes spelling a little more interesting. There are existing lists to choose from to play or teachers can create lists for their class to utilize in the games. This app also includes words for all ages including grades 10-12 SAT Words.

4. Little Writer by Alligator Apps

This is a Pre-K app for sure, but it is fantastic for teaching early writing, letters, numbers, shapes, and words. It allows children to trace letters and shapes with their finger with responsive sounds. My four year old enjoys using it and when he has free reign to pick an app to play for a reward, he often chooses this one. Fine by me!

I hope this list helps someone identify a few affordable educational tools to utilize on their tablet!