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Pirates on the FarmI love a children’s book that teaches a lesson. I love it even more when it is disguised with silliness! Denette Fretz does an excellent job inviting kids into a story they not only will think is funny, but causes them to think about the people around them. My only regret for this particular book is that the letter to parents that is located in the back of the book could be moved to the front. It really served as a guide to asking my kids questions about the story. Fortunately, I read the story first and read it to my kids later.

Back to the story. My boys are very much into Peter Pan and Captain Hook at the moment, so this book really struck a cord with them.It is a story about some rough and tumble new neighbors who need a little guidance.  The story is full of humor and the illustrations are delightful. I have caught both my boys reading the story again and finding new things in the illustrations they didn’t see before. We really enjoyed learning new words in the “Seadog Definitions,” in the back of the book.

The characters in this book play their part well. We couldn’t help but cheer for the dad as he set the example of how to treat one’s neighbor. And then there is the mom, who took some time to come around. I love the story they teach! I know that we will be using the Pirates on the Farm in teaching moments with our boys.  I highly recommend this lovely book to Moms and Dads looking for fun fiction to support their parenting!

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