Balancing it AllBalancing It All is Candace Bure’s biography with a little self help on the side. It is the kind of book you can enjoy without thinking too much. There are golden nuggets of wisdom along the way, but no mind blowing road map of conquering our day to day craziness.

Candace Bure begins with her upbringing and her introduction to acting. She speaks to what it was like to juggle school, a job, and family at such a young age. As the book moves along, she discusses meeting her husband and how she traded one kind of busy for another. In many chapters I could totally relate to her, especially when she speaks to moving away from all she knew to support her husband’s career.

I am currently reading Balancing It All with my book club. We have appreciated Candace Bure’s transparency and her willingness to share her personal struggles and faith.  My favorite chapter in the book was the chapter on prayer. I felt like in these particular pages I was talking with Candace instead of reading about her.

While I wouldn’t consider this book a great literary work, it is a fun, easy read. It is well suited for a trip to the beach or a long car ride. I would recommend it to anyone who loved Full House and is anxious to catch up with an “old friend.”