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The Widow of GettysburgOn a visit to our local library last week, I stumbled upon this interesting title.  It was displayed in the recommends section and immediately caught my attention.  I happen to live in the Battlefield Region of Virginia, the closest one less than three miles from the library.  I often walk with my family on the paths of the Battlefield to enjoy the peace and serenity they provide. While the Battle of Gettysburg occurred a state away, a good part of the Civil War was fought in my backyard.

After reading this intense story, I will never view the war through the same lens. Jocelyn Green gives amazing detail in this story of heroism at it’s finest. As the plot unfolds, Liberty Holloway, a young widow, finds her home and her life in shambles as the Civil War is literally brought to her front door. The descriptions of what Liberty sees as her home is turned into a Confederate hospital are graphic and specific. Fortunately, Green weaves in a love interest in Silas Ford for a little relief from the heaviness of the story. Their story comes together slowly and is in no way the main storyline. The real story lives in the contribution of the women of Gettysburg. It is truly intriguing and leaves me wanting to catch up on my history!

I enjoyed the history, romance, and characters immensely. This book is a page turner and I look forward to reading more from Jocelyn Green in the future.  I would recommend this book to any lover of historical fiction. Happy reading!