Four CupsThis book is going to bring so much clarity to so many.  Pastor Chris Hodges does an amazing job presenting God’s truth found in scripture and making it applicable to our lives. Not only applicable, but necessary for a meaningful, fulfilled life.

Pastor Hodges begins with a visit to the Old Testament where we find the nation of Israel enslaved to Egypt. It is there that God makes four promises to the Israelites: Rescue, Freedom, Redemption, and Fulfillment.  Throughout the rest of the book Pastor Hodges walks us through God’s plan for us through those four promises.

I think the most startling truth in this book is that Christians often get stuck in a cycle. We move from, “living in the truth of God’s promises, to falling away into sin and bondage, to God’s pursuit and rescue, to living in the truth of God’s promises.” Pastor Hodges details the value of moving from bondage to true freedom so that we might experience God’s plan and purpose for our lives.

This book is so valuable to those new and old to the Christian faith. I recommend Four Cups to anyone, but especially those who are feeling stuck and without purpose. As Pastor Hodges states in the seventh chapter, many Christians allow, “…fear based procrastination,” to keep them from, “living to the fullest.”  I can so relate to this!

I was given this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I have been given no compensation. All opinions are my own.