A Beauty So RareSometimes, a dream slips away and we feel like we have lost all hope. And then in a grand and miraculous way, God comes through with a dream far above and beyond anything we could ever hope for or imagine. This is the story Tamera Alexander masterfully crafts in A Beauty So Rare. In this book, Eleanor Braddock has figured out how to care for her father and herself only to have all of her efforts come up void. Throughout the story, Eleanor finds not only her purpose in life, but so much more.

I loved this book for so many reasons.  I love the detail, history, and setting. This is truly one of those books you read and feel like you know the characters. From Eleanor’s Aunt Adelicia Acklen Cheatham who isn’t nearly as shallow as I first believed to Marcus who gently reaches for Eleanor’s heart. This is a book well worth reading and keeping on your shelf to read again.

Here is a clip of the author, Tamera Alexander, talking about her inspiration for writing this lovely novel!