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This weekend we drove to Charlottesville to pick apples at Carter Mountain Orchard. This is a yearly tradition for our family. We go to pick too many apples, eat our weight in apple doughnuts, and enjoy gorgeous views of Charlottesville. This year we waited for Pink Lady Apples to be ready because they are our absolute favorite. Somehow Pink Lady’s manage sweet and tart along with crisp and juicy in one perfect apple.





This year it seems as if our apple picking destination has been found out by the masses. There was a long line of cars climbing the mountain. The kind lady paying for doughnuts and pecan soft serve ahead of me was from Washington D.C., which is quite a drive. Despite the multitude of people, apple picking at Carter Mountain will always top my list of favorite fall destinations. Heaven knows we picked enough apples. It is absolutely addicting. Before you know it, you are walking back to your car with $30 worth of apples and a smile on your face.