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Several years ago, after waiting in line long enough for my frozen items to thaw, I made a decision to pay a little more for groceries to upgrade my grocery experience. I honestly had had enough. My bad experiences out-weighed any savings. In fact, I began driving quite a bit further to a sparkly, gourmet grocery store.

Then one day a few months ago, I was out of time and had to grab a few grocery items. I ran into our Walmart only because I had to make school pick up on time. At check-out I was handed a little advertisement for Walmart’s new app, Savings Catcher. Basically, you scan the QR Code at the bottom of your receipt through the app. Walk-Mart then compares the items on your receipt with the advertised prices of their competitors. And then…if they find a better price for any item on your receipt…they give you the difference!

imageJust in 5 big shopping trips I have been given back $12!! I don’t ever use enough coupons to save $12!  I needed snow boots for my kids, so I had the app give me back my $12 in an E-Giftcard and I got one of the pairs nearly for free. What?? Amazing.

Even more amazing was my experience with Wal-Mart this week while Christmas shopping. I purchased a set of K’NEX (705 pieces building set) from Amazon for $38 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime. Shortly after, I found the same set at Walmart for $19.99.  WHAT???  I canceled the Amazon order and purchased through Walmart with free shipping via Site-to-Store.

AND THEN, last night I was excited to find the new Big Hero 6 Toy on sale at Toys R’ Us for $29.99 compared to $39.99 everywhere else.


I put one in my online shopping cart on the Toys R’ Us website. Guess what? Not available at your store. Out of Stock. Sorry Charlie. There is one available if you want to drive an hour north and get it. No Way! I would spend the saved $10 in gas and time. Guess who price matched for me this morning? You guessed it. Walmart. Who Knew?