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You're Loved No Matter What


From The Back Cover 

As women, we tend to think that if only we got our act together, life would be perfect. But you’re not supposed to be perfect. You’re supposed to be human. And humans are messy, flawed, glorious, and deeply loved.

It’s time to lay down those unrealistic expectations that exhaust you. It’s time to embrace who you are- even the messy parts. It’s time to start living fully instead of just trying not to fail.

Let’s do this. Together.

If I could, I would buy a copy of this book for all of my sweet friends who I know struggle with the need to be perfect. But that would be all of them, and my pockets aren’t that deep. As much as I hate this phrase everyone is throwing around…THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. Women especially feel the pull of perfection lurking around every corner. I know I do. I love the way author Holley Gerth addresses the issue in her new book, You’re Loved No Matter What.

In the first few pages Holley offers a quiz to reveal the areas of our life that suffer because of the problems that come with perfection. She simply asks the reader to mark an “x” next to each statement that applies. I was personally shocked by my number of x’s. My life is often driven by the compelling force of getting everything right.

But as Holley reveals, we were not meant to live this way! The biggest obstacle I face is guilt. She addresses the cycle of guilt in Chapter 3, Trading Guilt for Grace. In these pages, Holley encourages us to replace the lies we are believing with grace-filled truth. She mentions a lie I hold tight to. It is the I am not doing enough lie. This one really  hit home with me as I was glancing at my schedule for the week. I say yes to too much to often because I want to be sure I am not selfish with my time. I end up burned out, short fused, and exhausted. Anyone else? Here is how Holley turns the lie into grace-filled truth: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. But He never asks me to do it all!”

More than just identifying a problem, Holley Gerth provides a plan. She does this by offering some practical steps. My favorite was to pick someone in your life who cares about being real and not about being perfect. Make a coffee date with that person this week. Maybe even just a few moments on the phone. All of the steps Holley suggests are easy and I think very helpful.

I review books because I love to read and book blogging is a fun way to fuel my habit. I did receive this book in exchange for an honest review from its publisher. However, I would have purchased this book anyway. I love Holley Gerth’s books because they touch the lives of everyday women in the middle of our craziness. I have not been compensated in any way, and all opinions are my own!

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