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I have read so many books written to women, for women, and about women. Sometimes, I become a little tired of their message because usually…its the same. The cover might be different, and it might be well written and refreshing…but in the end it is the same book. Maybe it’s because as women we want answers for how we are feeling and we search for them in books with pretty covers and a hopeful tagline. I feel like I have finally found a different message and a challenging premise in From Good to Grace by Christine Hoover. Christine is challenging you and I to let go of the “Goodness Gospel.”

From the Back Cover

So many of us feel as if we do not do enough and, in fact, are not enough. We try hard to be good- a good friend, mom, wife, Christian, employee, or ministry leader- hoping for that “atta-girl” from God, some heavenly assertion that we matter. It’s a gospel without grace, and in the end, it’s good for nothing.

I cannot count the times I have done something “for God” with a heart of obligation and without joy. This is not the way a life following Christ should be. Christine Hoover does a wonderful job of fleshing out the idea the we were never called to be “Good,” checking off a litany of boxes to get a gold star on some heavenly chart. Being a Christ-follower is about what God wants for us, not from us.

From Good to Grace, is written in three parts: Saying goodbye to being good, Receiving His Love, Help, and Freedom, and How to Respond to a Gospel of Grace with  Love, Grace, and Hope. I truly enjoyed the first part of the book for the way Christine unearthed some things I was completely unaware of in myself. The conclusion of the book is a great guideline for redirection and a new start.

I think this would be an excellent read for any women’s group, Bible study, or just on your own. You will want to highlight and dog ear your book, and share it with a friend. I was given a complimentary copy of this book by its publisher in exchange for an honest review. I have not been compensated and all opinions are my own.

About the Author

Christine Hoover is a a pastor’s wife, mom, speaker, and the author of The Church Planting Wife. She has written for The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, and Christianity Today. Blogging at www.GraceCoversMe.com, she enjoys helping women apply the gift of God’s Grace to their daily lives. She lives in Virginia.