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Sacred Privilage


I knew I wanted to read this book the minute I saw the title and the author! Kay Warren is the wife of Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church.  I hold Rick and Kay Warren in high esteem because of the way they live out their lives and the way they have served the Lord in their years of ministry. Reading Sacred Privilege was like sitting with Kay Warren over coffee and asking her all of my burning questions about her life as a pastor’s wife. Fourteen years ago I married a pastor and I always appreciate wise counsel from a woman who has walked the road I am on and done so with grace.

This book is for wives of pastors of all distinctions. Kay Warren does not just write for the lead pastor’s wife, but to all pastor’s wives.  She has amazing wisdom to share! I enjoyed the entire book, but I had a few take aways that I will remember forever.

  • From Chapter 2: My husbands most valuable resource in ministry is me. Above everything else, I am vital to his work in ministry and visa versa.
  • From Chapter 6: I should not be afraid to use my own live as an example. My own struggles are meant to encourage others.
  • From Chapter 7: I need to nourish my own inner life. Warren uses an illustration from High Call, High Privilege by Gail MacDonald in this chapter.  He says, “Untended fires soon die and become a pile of ashes.” How true this is!  I cannot be of help to anyone if I have allowed my own fire to go out.
  • From Chapter 7:  I would also like a coffee mug that says Easy Like Sunday Morning. 
  • From Chapter 9: I should live the same in my private life as I do my public life. So good!


There is so much good stuff in this book! The five take aways I listed are the ones that really stood out to me. I honestly could have listed ten more. If there is a pastor’s wife in your life, consider getting this book for her. It would make a lovely mother’s day gift! I was given my copy by the publisher. I am passing it on to another pastor’s wife because I think it is that well written. Sacred Privilege is easily five stars! Kay Warren, thank you for barring your soul for all of us pastor’s wives. We so appreciate the encouragement, wisdom, advice, and love you put into every chapter.