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My gracious I love this new book by author Carey Scott! I love it because it challenges me everyday to live differently, to choose to live Uncommon. This book is a standout from the  white noise that can be Christian Living books. It is the perfect summer read for a mental reset and a refocusing of life in all areas. I highly recommend this book to any woman who feels like she is stuck and desperate for some encouragement.


Uncommon addresses many of the real struggles women face everyday: forgiveness, kindness, leadership, and courage. No matter where you are in your walk with God, there is something in this book for you. Author Carey Scott spends each chapter encouraging us to live uncommon. To be generous, forgiving, loving, kind and to have faith to name just a few of the topics she covers in this book. In each chapter you will find her personal reflection, stories from the Bible, scripture, a personal challenge, and a prayer.  I couldn’t have stumbled upon a better daily quiet time guide. It isn’t a Bible study, but you certainly could use it as one.

“No matter the mistakes you’ve made, the bridges you’ve burned, the moral failures you’ve committed, the painful words you’ve spewed, the hurtful things you have done… no matter your fears and insecurities, no matter your long list of excuses… with Jesus, you have all you need to be uncommon.”
Carey Scott #beUncommon

I first stumbled upon author Carey Scott on her blog, careyscott.org. I have always found her writing to be so practical and challenging. This new book releases in July, but it can be preordered now! You should check it out! Because I already knew and was confident in Carey Scott I requested an advanced copy of this book.  I was so excited to read it! I am so glad I did! I was not required to give this book a positive review and I was not compensated in any way.


This post was inspired by the book Uncommon: Living a Life or Purpose and Pursuit by Carey Scott. Preorder and submit your receipt details at http://careyscott.org/uncommon/ by June 3oth to receive a PDF download of the Uncommon Companion Study Guide, exclusive access to Carey’s “Diving Deeper” video series and 5” x 7” printable of 10 Ways to Live Uncommon.