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A repost from a friend on Instagram led me to discover Sara Hagerty and her gift with words. I love this book and its holy message. Unseen challenged me in a way that I haven’t been in a very long time. Hagerty challenges me to waste time on Jesus, and to enjoy all the hidden parts of lie. As the front cover suggests, hiddeness is a gift.

Unseen addresses a heart issue that is truly new to this generation of women: “…being hidden, in a world that loves to be noticed.” Our lives are lived out loud through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Everyones’ highlight reel plays before our eyes as our thumbs flip through post after post. It becomes difficult to believe that our everyday mundane lives matter. Hagerty challenges us to see that it is in our hidden moments that we develop a relationship with Jesus.

Throughout Unseen, Sara Hagerty focuses on the story of Mary of Bethany in the book of Mark from the Bible.  Mary was ridiculed for breaking a bottle of expensive perfume and pouring it on Jesus’ feet.  Throughout Unseen, Sara points back to the story and how what many saw as waste, was truly an expression of love.  In chapter one Sara writes,

“Mary has eyes for one. Her motives were oriented toward Him. She wasn’t driven to His feet by accolades, and she stayed despite criticism. What she cultivated with this man, Jesus, in the quiet and ordinary became her greatest expression. This is radical love, according to Jesus.”

After reading Unseen, I feel like I have been given a new perspective. Being seen, noticed, or having a platform are not the goal of this life. A relationship with Jesus, a life oriented toward him is the ultimate gift.  I encourage you to put to this book at the top of your list. As soon as I started reading, I instantly thought of friends I wanted to have a copy.  I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher. No positive review was required and I have not been compensated.