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A refugee assured


Lovers of historical fiction will find a new favorite in this story of revolution, adventure, and romance.  A Refuge Assured is a page turner with interesting and flawed characters who come alive as the story unfolds. Green writes around a tense and gory time in French history. In fact, the first few chapters had me googling to remind myself of history I had forgotten. While this book does involve a romance, it is not the focus. The love story of A Refuge Assured  is subtle and slow. There is no instant love, quick romance, and rush to marriage.

I loved getting to know the character of Vivienne Rivard as her life changes drastically in just a few short years.  As the story begins, Vivienne is a lacemaker for Mary Antoinette and the nobility of France.  After the French Revolution begins, Vivienne is forced to flee to America to save her own neck.  Everyone she loves is gone, and she must begin a new life. While there is a hero in this historical tale, Vivienne is a heroine in her own right. I love that Green allows Vivienne to make her own way and have a love story!

If you are an avid historical fiction reader, you will pick up on a connections between this novel and The Lacemaker by Laura Franz.  This connection was hinted at in Frantz’s book in the acknowledgements, which ultimately led me to read A Refuge Assured.  Both books are about 18th century lacemakers. I truly enjoyed both and highly recommend them. I requested a copy of this book from Bethany House Fiction because it was on my must read list. I was not disappointed! Bethany House does not require me to write a positive review. I have not been compensated and all opinions are my own.