We Begin..


These pictures are dedicated to the Park Ranger who checked for our permit right before we started out and told us that our hike was a might ambitious.  Most people do that hike in 3 days…according to Park Ranger man….We laughed as he drove off.  In the end, he was right!  We survived and had SO much fun! Next time…we won’t be hiking 17 miles.


A very random old car we found along the way.



Joy :0)



Crazy little bugs we found on a branch near our camp site.



a graveyard we passed that belongs to the people who lived in these mountains years ago



grave marker



poem to remember the forced sacrafice of the people who were forced from the mountains



two worn out hikers on day 2



Some of our hike at "Little Satan...i mean Devil's Hills"



One of the few trees we saw with color!



Leaving Backcountry!



Our view before our last 2 miles.