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For years we have promised our two boys that they would have a puppy. A dog of their own to love. We put it off for so long because we weren’t ready. After studying, reading, and researching we landed on some kind of doodle. My son has reactive airways and we needed a non shedding dog. Accidentally, we stumbled upon a breeder in South Carolina who operates a bit differently. He has no rows of kennels filled with momma dogs. All of his momma dogs live with a different family, guardian homes. I love that.


Six and a half hours to South Carolina and back was required to retrieve our sweet golden doodle. She was a perfect angel up until we decided to eat lunch in the car. My husband stopped at a carefully selected BBQ joint in North Carolina. When he returned to the car with fries, sandwiches, and hushpuppies….our pup lost her mind! She clawed her way out of my arms and snatched the hushpuppy bag right out of my hand!

We selected this particular pup because her coat is wavy, she was one of the smallest in her litter, and because she is so stinking cute! She might be one of the most vocal puppies I have encountered. For that reason, and because I might be the biggest Dolly Parton fan alive….we named her Dolly! Dolly Parton when she is in trouble.  Hello Dolly! She definitely needs a rhinestone collar.