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so close to amazing


Hands down, this book was the most unexpected surprise of the summer. For starters, I had never actually heard of author, blogger, KariAnne Wood until I saw a friends repost of one of her Instagram posts. A few clicks later, I couldn’t wait to read her book. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew it would be fantastic, and I was right!

KariAnne Wood tells the story of her family’s move from Texas to Kentucky in So Close To Amazing. Her story is about their move, making new friends, and the renovation of a truly amazing farm-house that I am pretty sure I would like to buy! After reading So Close to Amazing, I am certain KariAnne and I would be best friends. She is hilarious, genuine, and an original. She is the kind of woman I admire.  Not only did I retell some of her stories to my husband so he could laugh too (about blueberry pancakes..and a pot roast), but I also found myself inspired to furnish my sparse house in more creative ways.

My list of favorite books from this year is unusually short this year, but So Close to Amazing definitely has a spot at the top.  It is unlike any book I have read and I absolutely loved it! You can find more from KariAnne Wood on her blog Thistlewoodfarms.com.  I requested a copy of KariAnne’s book from Tyndale House publishers. I was not required to give this book a positive review. All opinions are my own and I have not been compensated.