I usually find that it is better not to tell Wyatt (3.5) what is happening until right before the event is to take place. Today, that thinking was a mistake. I decided Wyatt, turning 4 in June, needed a BIG BOY bed.  My buyer from Craigslist arrived to take away the converted crib toddler bed and I decided to go ahead and spill the beans. (as they are pulling in the driveway :0) Can I just say, very poor planning on my part. But really, do you ever know if the craigslist people will even show?

Wyatt yelling from the top of the stairs: “Hey! Where are you going? That’s MY Bed!” Tears were pooling in his eyes watching his bed being moved out the front door.

Me: Wyatt, it’s ok, Daddy is bringing home a big boy bed.

Wyatt: I’m not a bigger boy.  I’m a little one.

I think he is over it, maybe not too traumatized.  He is in his room bouncing on an air mattress. So here is to my bigger boy and the brick I want to place on his head to keep him right where he is.